Gotrack API Document

GOTRACK API is a RESTful web service for developers to programmatically interact with Gotrackapp data and real-time delivery management functionality.

  • The base URL for the Gotrack API

  • keys --- Your unique api services keys----Required "Yes"
  • merchant_token -- unique merchant token ----Required "Yes"
  • task_description -- description of you task ----Required "Optional"
  • trans_type -- transaction type either delivery or pickup ----Required "Yes"
  • contact_number -- customer contact number ----Required "Optional"
  • email_address -- customer contact number ----Required "Yes"
  • customer_name -- customer contact name ----Required "Yes"
  • delivery_date -- Delivery format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS ----Required "Yes"
  • delivery_address -- Delivery Address ----Required "Yes"
  • task_lat -- latitude coordinates of your task ----Required "Optional"
  • task_lng -- longtitude coordinates of your task ----Required "Optional"

  • code -- "1 = for successful and 2 = for failed"
  • msg -- "successful message or error message"
  • details -- "array containing task_token"


Any questions about this API integration should be addressed to